Gluten Free Menu

We offer gluten free pasta cooked to order, just ask (this will require extra time). We also have gluten free tomato/basil marinara sauce available all the time. we will also tailor any meal below to children, and with advance notice make other items available. While we have researched these items to the best of our ability, there are no firm assurances offered, and while we make every attempt to avoid cross contamination, we make no guarantees. Other items on our menu may be gluten free also, but here are some good reccommendations for you.

shrimp cocktail  9.5
beautiful shrimp, horseradish cocktail sauce, oyster crackers, lemon

big house salad  7.5

nestico's caprese salad  7.5 / 11
tomato, fresh buffalo mozz, basil

spinach salad  7.5 / 11
spinach, butternut squash, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, goat cheese. drizzled with olive oil...small 7.49, entrée 10.99

grilled chicken caprese  15
balsamic marinated chicken breast topped with mozzarella, tomato & basil. served with rice pilaf

lollipop lamb chops (rack of lamb)  17 / 30
served with fresh grilled asparagus. 1/2 or full rack

maitre d' steak  18
half pound close trimmed sirloin topped with maitre' d butter, skinny fries

lobster tail dinner 28
2 beautiful 5 oz. cold water tails served with melted butter, grilled asparagus, lemon

*** You can specify NO BREAD CRUMBS in our NW of utica greens to make them gluten free... with this specification, add our tuscan roasted chicken to this list.

prices and menu items are subject to change at any time