Lunch Menu

appetizers / small plates

arancini (risotto balls)  9
homemade, panko crispy crusted with melty monterey jack cheese inside, spicy tomato oil

shrimp cocktail  9.5
beautiful shrimp, horseradish cocktail sauce, oyster crackers, lemon

fried buffala mozzarella  8
homemade, panko crispy crusted melty mozzarella, spicy hot tomato oil

nestico's northwest of utica greens  9.5
sautéed with cherry peppers, olive oil, bacon, grated cheese, bread crumbs

signature calamari  11.5
(hot pepper sauce, add $3) ask us to toss it in the sauce...better!

bang bang shrimp  11.5
12 creamy spicy shrimp served on romaine leaves, pick em up wrapped in the romaine and munch like a sandwich, or eat em with a fork! either way, very good!


add to any salad:
chicken or shrimp  5 | steak or salmon  6

big house or caesar  7.5

nestico's signature spinach  7.95 / 11
spinach, butternut squash, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, goat cheese. drizzled with olive oil

house antipasto  7.75 / 11

nestico's caprese  7.95 / 11
tomato, fresh buffalo mozz, basil

cobb salad  9.5
turkey breast, avocado, bacon, cooked egg, asparagus, radish, black olive, yellow pepper, tomato, over greens...ask us to toss it with the dressing....better!

arugula salad  9.5
sliced apples, cranberries, walnuts, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette

thin crust pizza

white pizza  8
garlic & mozzarella

traditional pizza  10.5
1. lotsa pepperoni, or 2. sausage, pepper and onion

nestico's real margherita pizza  11
buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil

northwest of utica pizza  11
our hugely popular utica greens with sausage

five points nashville pizza  12
vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, mushroom, basil, red onion

pannini / sandwich

add skinny fries  2 | add sweet potato fries  3

chicken caesar wrap  7.99

a great burger  8.99
hand pattied, 7 oz. grilled and juicy, cheese or not

english style battered haddock  8.99
on a toasted roll, tartar sauce, lemon

alpine chicken pannini  8.99
grilled chicken breast, sautéed onions topped with melty swiss cheese , honey mustard

baked meatball sandwich  8.99
with mozzarella and our homemade sauce

grilled chicken and brie  8.99
apple, brie cheese, bacon on buttered Grilled texas toast

classic french dip sandwich  8.99
on baguette with swiss cheese, served with au jus for dipping

chicken "grinder" pannini  8.99
grilled chicken breast, utica greens, provolone & a little balsamic glaze

santa fe pannini  8.99
chicken, mozzarella, bacon, tomato, ranch dressing

kentucky hot brown sandwich  8.99
open faced sliced turkey topped with bacon and a slice of tomato & cheesy mornay sauce, parmesan, parsley, baked in the oven.

peter's drunk chicken sandwichh  8.99
batterfried chicken breast, american cheese, bbq sauce

toasted filet mignon baguette  11.99
gorgonzola, roasted red peppers, olive oil dressing

luncheon entrées

served with a salad before

just pasta  10
with our house made red sauce (simmered with beef & pork) or vegetarian marinara sauce

spaghetti with meatball or sausage  11

chicken riggies  11
tossed with cream, asiago, romano, diced cherry pepper, marinara, chicken

pasta pie  11

grilled balsamic glazed chicken breast  11
served atop sautéed greens or with rice & veggies

brown butter spaghetti   11
tossed with butternut squash and spinach

eggplant rollatini   11
ricotta cheese & spinach stuffed

lasagna is back!   12
traditional, the trivet house recipe

luncheon fettucine alfredo  11

lunch parmesans  11
chicken or haddock, side of pasta

luncheon lobster/shrimp mac n cheese  13

maitre d' steak  18
half pound close trimmed sirloin topped with maitre' d butter, skinny fries

prices subject to change